Location(s): Throughout Mozambique
Services: Transmission Network rollout and Technical Support  

MEPIT Lda Services included;
·       Optical fibre route technical surveys
·       Optical Fibre (Aerial and Underground) network construction, including Poles installations, excavation, cable laying, termination and splicing.
·       Microwave links surveys, designs and implementation
·       Telecommunications tower audit
·       Decommissioning of telecommunications towers and dismantling of equipment
·       Installation and maintenance of IP Transmission equipment e.g. PTN 6900
·       Installation of DWDM Transmission equipment e.g. OSN 8800, OSN 1800
·       Carry out acceptances for network installations
·       Attend to and resolves real time traffic affecting network faults on transmission and microwave network
·       Carry out acceptances of optical fibre terminations on optical distribution frames ODF, including using of OTDR traces to confirm joint losses
·       Routine maintenance on backbone and access transmission links to confirm correct operation of equipment
·       Inspect condition of power plant including AC Mains Supply, standby power generator functionality, standby, AC DC rectifier, batteries test automatic load transfer, batteries load testing, confirm load