MEPIT LDA recognizes that Health and Safety are the key elements to our success and our commitment is to continually strive to create a healthy and safe working environment.

We believe in zero accidents in our operations and to achieve this, our target is to continuously improve and develop a robust health and safety strategy.

MEPIT LDA, is committed to develop and implement a health, safety and environmental policy in all projects and operations.

The policy is supported by our Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE), management system which details our arrangements for the effective management of our significant risks and exposures.

This includes detailed policies and procedures, our process for assessing risk, and our arrangements for emergencies, fire and first aid.

We recognize that the key to successful health, safety and environmental management is to ensure each employee is competent to carry out their responsibilities.

To this end we have developed and implemented a training policy which clearly defines who is responsible for training and identifies what training each employee requires, based on the results of our risk assessments. Everyone’s training requirements are identified in a training matrix, and this is supported by general responsibilities contained in the Health and Safety Handbook and individual work instructions for specific tasks and processes.