Telecommunications Division

Site Civil Works (site surveys, site designs, design & construction of tower foundations and anchor systems)

Tower Fabrication & Erection

Tower inspections and refurbishment

Installation, commissioning and integration of telecommunication systems (MICROWAVE, OPTIC, GSM, UMTS, LTE, WIMAX, TETRA etc.)

Maintenance and technical support

Planning and design of radio, optic and data networks

Supply of SIAE microwave radios, ADVA optic, routers, switches and VSAT systems

PABX Systems TDM, Hybrid and VOIP (Philips SOPHO, Panasonic, Avaya, NEC {SL1000, SV8100 & 9100} Asterisk and Year Star)

Supply of tower accessories such as mounting pole, support arms and brackets

Site DC and AC power reticulation and battery back-up

HUAWEI – Microwave, Optic and Access radio (GSM)

NSN – Nokia Solutions Networks – Microwave, trunk radio, optic, multi radio access equipment

Ericsson – Microwave and access networks (GSM)

AVIAT – Microwave

Maintenance and technical support

RADWIN – Point to Point and Point to Multi Poin

SIAE – Microwave

CERAGON – Microwave

ADVA Optical