Client: Jindal Africa

Location: Chirodzi Mine, Tete, Mozambique

Services: Resettlement Houses Construction (60 No) and associated MEP Services

MEPIT provided the complete, civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation services;

  • Fire alarm systems supply
  • Domestic water services
  • Plumbing and septic tanks construction
  • Sewer and storm water drainage
  • Fire-fighting and detection
  • Electrical power distribution
  • Lighting

Client: Telkom South Africa

Location: South Africa

Mepit partnered Huawei in South Africa in the implementation of Telkom South Africa Wireless project.Scope of work covers implementation and upgrades of Wireless network,installation of
Huawei wireless equipment such as 2G/3G/4G
and 5G.

scottwilsonClient: Scott Wilson Mozambique Lda

Location: Maputo, Mozambique

Services: Design of Mechanical, Electrical and Telecommunication for a Marine Technical

MEPIT provided Design for a Technical College scheduled to cater for around 300 students and provide boarding facilities for
around 240 students and houses for 9 teachers
and institute director, construction of ancillary
buildings and health center.

  • Central Air Conditioning & ventilation systems (HVAC)
  • Close control air conditioning systems
  • Domestic water services
  • Sewer and storm water Drainage
  • Firefighting and detection
  • Electrical power distribution
  • Lighting
  • U.P.S
  • Standby power and Security systems

Client: Various

  • Ministério de Admistração Estatal
  • Scott Wilson Mozambique
  • Afri-Farmacia
  • Ministério de Antigos Combatentes
  • VistaUm International
  • Beira Corridor
  • Tricos Imobiliaria
  • Conselho Municipal de Maputo
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Conservatoria de Registo de Entidades Legais
  • Engineering Solution Associates
  • TRAC Concession

Location: Maputo

Services: Supply and Installation of new network infrastructure

MEPIT supplied and Installed computers (desktops & laptops), software, network components,
security cameras, photocopiers, printers, scanners,
faxes, peripherals, data storage, uninterrupted power
supplies (UPS), toner cartridges, ink cartridges,
print heads, photo paper, printing paper, keyboards,
mouse, USB memory sticks, laptop cases, storage
boxes, computer stands, wrist-rests and installation
of the new network infrastructure.

antennaClient: Vodacom Mozambique

Location: Throughout Mozambique

Services: Transmission/Microwave Network rollout and Technical Support

MEPIT services included;

  • Installation of Microwave Transmission (backbone and access) links e.g. Huawei RTN 905,910,950,980 (including antenna rigging and alignment, ODU, IDU, feeder installations, PDH E1, STM1 optical/electric,
    Ethernet interface cabling, testing and configurations
  • Installation and maintenance of IP Transmission equipment e.g. PTN 6900
  • Installation of DWDM Transmission equipment e.g. OSN 8800, OSN 1800
  • Carry out PATs and FACs for transmission and Microwave installations
  • Attend to and resolves real time traffic affecting network faults on transmission and microwave network
  • Carry out acceptances of optical fibre terminations on optical distribution frames ODF, including using of OTDR traces to confirm joint losses
  • Routine maintenance on backbone and access
    transmission links to confirm and correct RSLs,
    grounding, antenna installations as outlined in
    design documents e.g. link budget
  • Inspect condition of power plant including AC
    Mains Supply, standby power generator functionality,
    standby, AC DC rectifier, batteries test automatic load
    transfer, batteries load testing, confirm load
  • Check and confirm site temperature including the
    operation of heat, ventilation and air conditioning
    system (HVAC)
  • Work hand in glove with Network Management Centre
    NMC, Network planning & development
    (Radio & Transmission) in identifying, analysis,
    resolution repeating network challenges.

Client: Vodacom Mozambique

Location: Throughout Mozambique


  • Enterprise network roll out maintenance and
    support for corporate customers, Banking
    Institutions, Non-governmental organization
    using Vodacom Enterprise Solutions
    Vodacom business operates as an ISP
    (Internet Solution Provider) selling bandwidth
    of data to corporate clients.


MEPIT installs point to point and point to multipoint  microwave links on behalf of Vodacom Business and these links include;

  • Microwave links installations
  • Fibre links installations
  • Link planning
  • Microwave link and optical fibre route surveys
  • Removal and dismantling of equipment due to
    the world dynamics, age, weather conditions and
    technology improvements. Mepit has been
    removing and replacing the old and non-required
    equipment on VB sites;
  • proper handling re-packaging and returning or
    recycling of equipment.

Equipment Installed and/ or decommissioned

  • Radwin 5000 base station – Point
    to Multi point system
  • Radwin 5000 subscriber unit Point
    to Multi point system
  • Radwin 2000 – Point to Point antennas.
  • IDU H;
  • IDU-C;
  • IDU-E;
  • POE`s


  • Microwave antennas ranging from 0,3-0,6.
    8G TO 23 G. 1+0 to 2+2 xpic
  • E Band links
  • RTN 90-5,910,950 and 980
  • OSN equipment
  • Fibre patch panels/ODF
  • Router


  • Router
  • Switch

Radwin_Backhaul_SolutionClient: ACEL Technologies

Location: AT Sasol Inhambane, Mozambique


  • Satellite Transmission and Fibre Optic Installation including use of OTDR equipment

MEPIT services included;
Using our ST Termination tool (optic fiber corning
tool)together with weather protective materials and
other necessary tools to complete job assignment.
Type of connectors encountered at site were”ST

MEPIT Field Engineers performed:

  • Relocation of 2 x SLB QD VSAT; including installation and successful commissioning of the link.
  • Relocation of HLAN & BGAN; including installation and successful commissioning of the link
  • Relocation of WSLK for M-I, D&M, GSS; including installation and commissioning
  • End to End Cabling to the Schlumberger units
  • Installation of Fibre cabling (Ensuring a Fibre Optic termination kit is available, ST Corning Connectors used to terminate the cabling)
  • Installation of IP Phone on the Rig Floor relocating 2 1.2m antennas, installed
    and commission

Client: Televisa Lda

Location: Provinces of Gaza, Inhambane, Manica,
Tete, Zambézia and Nampula; Mozambique

Services: Radio antenna upgrade
(Dualization 900 &1800) and Technical Support

MEPIT services included;

  • Installation and maintenance of IP Transmission
    equipment e.g. PTN 6900
  • Installation of DWDM Transmission equipment
    e.g. OSN 8800, OSN 1800
  • Transmission and Microwave equipment services
    cutover and integration e.g. Ethernet, VLANs, E1,
    STM1 etc.
  • Carry out transmission and microwave link
    technical site surveys
  • Use of Huawei U2000 Network Management
    System NMS for Transmission and Microwave
    network health check and faults management.

Client: MER Lda

Location: Provinces of Sofala and Maputo; Mozambique

Services: Vodacom Mozambique site build roll out project.

MEPIT services included;

  • Geotechnical Foundation Investigations for
    Telecommunication Towers Construction;
    DCP equipment was used.
  • Civil Works for tower construction,
    earthworks and concrete works
  • Site power layout and connection (AC/DC),
    and Generators
  • Tele-communication tower rigging